Can’t Afford Your Dream Chasuna?!



Getting married? Mazal tov – your engagement is one of the happiest times of your life!

At least until the costs start piling up…

Because, as we all know, the caterer, the band, and the photographer may take a large chunk out of your hard-earned money…and that’s before you even get to the dress!

Thankfully, Bais Reuven Kamenitz Elementary School is hosting a new and exciting raffle which can help YOU pay for the wedding you’ve always dreamed of!  

After all, a simcha should be just that, a time of simcha. So, what are you waiting for?

Enter The Giveaway to win a $50,000 complete wedding-package!

P.S. It’s a win-win – this incredible raffle supports an even more incredible cause.

All proceeds benefit the Children’s Scholarship Fund of Bais Reuven Kamenitz Elementary School. Bais Reuven Kamenitz believes that every child has the right to the highest standards of education, regardless of financial means. The Children’s Scholarship Fund, a project of the school, is dedicated to providing scholarship funding to students from low-income households, allowing them access to quality education. Every child is a rising scholar and a pillar of the future, and The Children’s Scholarship Fund is therefore committed to ensuring quality education to students from all financial backgrounds.

So, c’mon, let’s bring bliss to your pre-wedding blitz! Visit for a chance to win!

The Children’s Scholarship Fund of Bais Reuven Kamenitz Elementary School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Maaser money may be used toward the purchase of tickets.


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