Candle Lighting Times, Erev Shabbos Vayeitzei 5774


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  1. It should be mentioned that:
    * Candle Lighting times shown are 20 minutes before sunset.
    * Shabbat Ends times given are 45 minutes after sunset.

    Because of the Mitzvah of “Tosafot Shabbat” (adding to the Sabbath), everyone is encouraged to cease “work”, light the candles, and start the Shabbat earlier than shown; also, not make Havdalah and resume “work” until a time later than given.

    In fact, it is customary in many communities to wait with Havdalah and “work” until at least 72 minutes after sunset. Accordingly one would not end the Shabbat till at least 27 minutes after the times given here.

  2. Thank you Matzav editor! A most valued addition to your other Shabbos posts. Perhaps you ought leave out the end time of Shabbos!
    #2, the posted zmanim are 18 minutes before Shkiah! Most of Klaal Yiroel keep that zman!


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