Candle Lighting Times, Erev Shabbos Parshas Pekudei/Shekolim 5774


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  1. Is it true that Lakewood has several Shomer Shabbos families who also light Shabbos candles? My cousin’s shver had a chicken farm there but that was years ago.

  2. Thanks for this invaluable service!
    I submit that with this you’re being maarbe k’vod Shomayim!
    Tizku LeMitzvos!

  3. Mr kool aid, Lakewood shouldn’t be a problem. One minute later than NY, generally. You can just use same as NY.
    Although those chicken farmers do seem to think they’re a cut above. Still, I think they can use the same zman as the (very inferior) Yeshiva leit in Brooklyn.

  4. No need to get uppity. Most newlywed Yeshiva leit settle in Brooklyn. They just keep a very low profile.


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