CANCELLED: Pres Trump Will No Longer Meet With Kim Jung Un


According to reports this morning, President Donald Trump has cancelled plans to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un.

The June 12 summit, which was to take place in Singapore, has become questionable over the past few days, with officials from both administrations casting doubt the sitdown talk would take place.

The new development casts a pall over the future of US-N. Korean relations.


  1. This is disappointing but not surprising. North Korea has a decades-long track record of negotiating in bad faith as well as violating and blatantly breaking treaties they’ve agreed to.
    This entire proposed summit seemed too good to be true – I kept waiting for the Norks to yank away the football, thereby embarrassing and discouraging the U.S.
    Another possibility was that they would act as if they were about to come to an agreement, then at the last minute demand yet another concession with the hope that President Trump, anxious for an agreement, would keep sweetening the pot in an effort to get a treaty signed. Whatever the case is, I believe Trump was correct in walking away from what was never a serious attempt by the Norks to come to an agreement which included eliminating their nukes.

  2. The title “no longer” ought be reworded. It would be better to say “will not happen as scheduled.”
    Just Dominick’s opinion!

  3. Uh oh. Gog Umagog is back on. The dumb Chinese leader had to open his big mouth. Now we clearly see the effects of richilus. Prepare for the final battle.


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