Canadian Billionaire Joins Initiative To Land First Israeli Spacecraft On The Moon


Israeli-Canadian Jewish billionaire and businessman Sylvan Adams has joined the drive to land first Israeli spacecraft on the moon as he contributed $5 million to SpaceIL, the company announced on Monday.

“This contribution to strengthening the Israeli space program, and encouraging education for excellence and innovation among the younger generation in Israel, is the best gift I could have asked for,” Adams said while celebrating his 60th birthday on Monday.

“I believe that sending the first Israeli spacecraft to the moon will inspire Israeli school children to take up STEM studies and think about space exploration, and especially to believe that everything is possible,” he added.

SpaceIL president Morris Kahn, who donated $27 million toward the project, expressed his appreciation towards Adams.

“I want to thank Sylvan Adams for his generous contribution to our effort,” he said. “He joins an amazing group of donors with a common vision: to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon. We are in the final stretch, and I believe that his joining will help us raise the remaining money to complete our ambitious mission.”

“We are in the final stretch before the launch and preparations are at full power,” said SpaceIL CEO Ido Anteby. “The teams of SpaceIL and IAI [Israel Aerospace Industries] are making great progress in a series of tests and trials being carried out at IAI’s space facility.”

He added, “At the same time, we are stepping up activities to promote scientific and technological education in the State of Israel, ahead of launch. We thank Mr. Sylvan Adams for his contribution.” JNS.ORG



  1. Stupid stupid zionist.

    Forget rising to give the growing world your approval. The moon is sacred. What purpose of redemption is a priest funded challenge to put anything on the sacred?

    This is not a korban. Gang dumber men yodeling hatikvah all the way to brittle minds. They are not kosher and forgot the jews of the holocaust were dead before the day began.

    High in the sky. Touched only by Nixons eye. Who would want to try again?

    The spook was Hitler not Israel. We do not need the heavens to fall on interest.

    Bored gang.

  2. This will just make the world hate us more. What’s the point other then a attention grabbing statement of power (and כחי ועוצם ידי) better to continue focus on innovation in medicine, agriculture, cyber security … making peoples lives better you can have a lot of other things to be proud of you don’t have to shoot for the moon and you don’t have to be a world power .

  3. In the meantime poverty in Israel is at its highest level ever. What good is it flying elitists to the moon when little innocent children go to sleep crying from hunger?


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