Can you Imagine my Pain? I am All Alone…



I was young and innocent, when I lost my beloved mother to cancer… I was devastated seeing my mother leaving this world after suffering for years, going through multiple procedures and treatment, I prayed and hoped for a full recovery, but hashem had other plans and she passed away.

My father was heartbroken, but still, he comfort me, showering me and my siblings with love, and encouraged me to move on in life, ensuring me that I’ll just be fine. At least I had a warm shoulder to lean on, my wonderful loving father.

After a while, my world turned upside down when my dad was diagnosed with cancer… Am I gonna lose my daddy as well, I asked my self? No, I won’t… I didn’t wanna think and I just tried to stay sane and happy, hoping my father will recover.

There are no words to describe the devastation I went through when I had to say goodbye for the last time to my dear father.

Yes! He too passed away!

Now I found myself crying in agony, feeling ALL ALONE!


After going through extensive therapy to overcome the trauma, I tried living my life, and accept the situation with love, even though I didn’t understand.

After a few years, Hashem told me, Yossi, you’re not alone. I’ll give you a precious Kalah, I become engaged B”h, מזל טוב.

I was so happy, I was so hopeful to start a new page in life. But… With no parents, how in the world will I pay for all the wedding expenses?

I tried raising money myself. But now I found myself literally 3 days before my wedding and not enough money to cover all the expenses.

Please open your heart and help me go to my wedding with a smile knowing that I AM NOT ALONE!

PHONE NUMBER TO DONATE:   732.945.8020


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