Campaign Poster for Victorious Black New York State Senate Candidate Declared “We Want Moshiach Now”


jesse-hamiltonIn a great ‘know your audience’ moment, an African-American political candidate who ran – and won – in the New York State Senate primaries on Tuesday published a poster calling for the arrival of Moshiach.

“We want Moshiach now!” read the banner, which appeared in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn and was targeting Chabad Lubavitch Jews who dominate the community.

“Jesse Hamilton supports the Lubavitch community in Crown Heights in their noble work to bring Moshiach,” the banner explains.

Hamilton won the primary to replace Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams in the Senate.

The Algemeiner Journal

{ Newscenter}


  1. voting against him would have brought us 1 step closer to mashiach voting for him leads us many steps away.

    Hamilton is pro abortion and pro toeivah

  2. If you want “moshiac”, improve yourself. Hashem is not going to send you an easy way out. Work for your own identity and then Hashem can give you blessings. Don’t be insane and think that the only way for your gripes to be controlled is through a superstar. YOU have to become that superstar. Torah makes YOU the leader. Work for your own giving spirit.

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