Today: Camp Rayim to Celebrate Chanukas Habayis


camp-rayimCamp Rayim, owned and directed by Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Rosner, will be celebrating the chanukas habayis of its new shul and learning complexes today, Sunday, August 14. The camp shul collapsed earlier this year due to a severe snowstorm and a massive construction project was undertaken.

The celebration will be held in conjunction with a hachnosas Sefer Torah. Kesivos ha’osiyos will take place at 3 p.m., followed by the hachnosas Sefer Torah at 5 p.m.

A dedication ceremony will then be held, featuring a video presentation of the past 23 years of Camp Rayim and a special concert, including surprise guest stars.

Hundreds of alumni, campers and staff, parents and friends of Camp Rayim will attend this gala event.

The new Camp Rayim Shul is being dedicated by Mr. Ralph Herzka and family.

 Camp Rayim is located at 263 Breezy Hill Road in Parksville, NY. Click here for more info.

{Shmiel Newscenter}


  1. Rayim memories their so close to me best time of my life its so hard to leave emotions fill the air as I wipe a tear can’t wait to be back ill see you all next year

  2. On the mountain tops so high
    peaks of achdus reach the sky
    came as strangers left as friends
    cant wait to be back again
    and wherever I go and whatever i do
    Rayim, i will be here with you

  3. One of my sons has been at Camp Rayim every summer since the camp first opened – first as campers and then as staff. There must be more than a few families who also have been there from the start. What a vote of confidence. Mazel Tov to Moshe and Dina Rosner on a wonderful accomplishemnt.


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