CAMERA Launches Online Ad Campaign On ‘Serious Anti-Israel Bias’ At NY Times


ny-times-cameraThe Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) has launched a new online advertising campaign that draws attention to what the watchdog group calls “serious anti-Israel bias” at The New York Times.

The online banner, which is appearing on major news sites and blogs-including on the website of The New York Times itself-reads, “Until The New York Times Stops the Bias Against Israel, DON’T Subscribe!”

In January, CAMERA put up a billboard across the street from The New York Times headquarters in midtown Manhattan, also criticizing the newspaper’s coverage on Israel.

“We’re amazed on almost a daily basis at how politicized the news pages have become. Israeli leaders, for instance, are stigmatized as ‘shrill,’ ‘strident,’ ‘stubborn,’ ‘abrasive,’ and ‘cynical’ while no such language is applied to the Palestinian leader who is called ‘conciliatory.’ Opinion-laden language belongs on the opinion pages,” Andrea Levin, executive director of CAMERA, told

“We hope the public will come to understand The Times is not a reliable source on the Arab-Israeli conflict, will speak out about the bias, support our efforts and, until the bias stops, go elsewhere for news,” Levin added.

Eileen Murphy, vice president of corporate communications for The New York Times, told, “We fully support CAMERA’s right to advertise their point of view, even when we disagree with it. Few topics of coverage are as sensitive as the conflict in the Mideast. Feelings are very strong on both sides. We recognize that and strive to provide complete, factual and fair coverage.”


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