Call to Action in Response to Governor Murphy Eliminating Non-Public School Students from the $1 Billion Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act

In early July, the New Jersey State Legislature introduced the Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act, a $1 billion bond which would provide additional funding for security for all schools, including non-public schools. On Monday, August 27th, Governor Phil Murphy responded to the legislation with a conditional veto, slashing the bond proposal amount in half from $1 billion to $500 million. Additionally, he changed the proposal language from “all schools” to “district schools”, effectively preventing non-public school students from benefiting from a share in the funding.
In today’s madness of mass shootings and terrorist attacks, all children are vulnerable, especially those attending religious institutions. Yet, the security funding allocated for those children attending religious institutions is minimal compared to that of their public school counterparts.
Do our students not deserve the safety and security measures that every innocent child should be entitled to? Is it not enough that our children are already put at a greater risk? Is it not enough that this year’s non-public school security funding remained a stagnant $75 per child as opposed to the public school security funding increase of $65 million? Is there a reason why non-public school students are any less deserving of their basic right to safety?
As concerned parents, let us all reach out the governor and express our disappointment with this treatment of our children. Let the governor know that our children deserve to be safe in school as well.
Contact the governor here.
Thank you for your Hishtadlus,
Avi Schnall


  1. Hey Stupid NJ Voters!!! You voted for a DemocRAT, you got what you deserve. When are our Yidden going to wake up and not listen to all the garbage pushers who are paid by these lowlife Democrats??

  2. Why should our taxes only go to public schools where kids get free education? Don’t we, who pay tuition, at least deserve that our taxes secure our schools too?

  3. I love this guy and I love the voters. This is democracy at work. Governor Murphy was elected overwhelmingly and has a mandate from the voters. This is what they want him to do. He was even voted in by the very people complaining here. It’s on the record. Look who the Lakewood Vaad endorsed for Governor. If only the little pipsqueak, Jeff Sessions can take a lesson from Governor Murphy. Victory has ramifications.


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