Call for Peres to Refuse Medal If Pollard Not Freed


peresYesterday, veteran Israel radio morning news anchor Aryeh Golan openned the 7 a.m. news segment with a call to Israeli President Shimon Peres to consider not accepting the Medal of Freedom from President Barack Hussein Obama if Obama refuses to release Jonathan Pollard.

“It’s only a piece of medal,” Golan observed.

Click here to listen to the audio of Golan’s remarks.

{Yair Israel}


  1. This is ridiculous. Not only wuld it be a slap in the face to Israel’s only real ally, it would alienate many US citizens to whom Mr. Pollard is merely a convicted spy. It wouldn’t get him out of jail, either. The exact same thing happened in the Rubashkin trial. Well-meaning people brought public pressure to bear on the judiciary, and the result was that legal officials had to be more extreme to avoid being accused of caving in to public pressure.

  2. …I think you mean..??

    Absolutely what he should do, but I sincerely doubt that Peres has the guts to do such such a principled thing, especially not at the cost of his own kavod…

  3. Wrong! With the prestige of the medal pinned on his chest, the request for Pollard’s release will have more weight.

  4. Thank you Oldtimer #3 for the insight about the sentencing of Rubashkin and Pollard. Can you explain us the differences in regards to public opinion’s pressure in Trayvon Martin’s case?

    If Peres has the guts to do that, he will have done the right thing – for a change – and I will recognize it.


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