California High School Students Behind ‘Toasted Jew’ Graffiti Identified, Disciplined, Principal Says


By Rochel Frommer

The California high school students behind antisemitic graffiti at Carlmont High School, including the phrase “Toasted Jew,” have been disciplined, NBC Bay Area news reported Thursday.

According to the report, Principal Ralph Crame said the school had identified and taken action against the perpetrators of two recent incidents involving swastikas and messages targeting the Jewish community written in chalk on the campus, though he would not elaborate on the nature of the disciplinary measures.

The school has removed the messages and cautioned students that any further such action could be determined a hate crime.

“They had some education involved in the consequences, and we also sent the message out that it is against our school respect policy,” Crame told NBC.

“I think it’s horrible that students would think that it was OK to have any type of vandalism or graffiti, especially anything that was demeaning towards another group, another student,” he added.

According to northern California Jewish news site JWeekly, other incidents have occurred at Carlmont in recent weeks, including chants of “kill the Jews” inside the school’s stadium (which Crame refuted), and one mother’s report that students shouted, “Here’s a Jew; let’s burn her,” as she walked by with her daughter.

JWeekly reported that some 20 parents met with Crame to air their concerns on March 15, and according to NBC, there is an open police investigation into the reports.

As The Algemeiner reported, a Minnesota public high school has been rented out for an upcoming event whose organizers and speakers have expressed support for terrorism against Israel.

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