California Gives Uber Permit for Self-Driving Cars


State regulators in California on Wednesday granted Uber Technologies Inc. a permit required to put its self-driving cars back on the streets. The permit will allow Uber to compete with other companies testing self-driving cars, such as Alphabet Inc., Tesla Motors and Ford Motor Co, but passengers will not immediately be allowed in the backseat. Uber had previously refused to pay $150 to obtain the permit, arguing that its vehicles could not be considered self-driving because they were constantly monitored by a person. Sixteen of the company’s self-driving cars had their registration revoked in San Francisco last December for lacking permits.

California Department of Motor Vehicles spokeswoman Jessica Gonzalez said the company was granted a permit to test two self-driving vehicles on the state’s roads. The company will limit itself to testing the vehicles for now and focus on passing all regulatory requirements before it will begin offering rides to passengers, a spokesman for Uber told Reuters. Read more.



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