Cali Gov. Declares State of Emergency


governor jerry brownCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown on Friday declared a state of emergency following the San Bernardino attack that took place on Dec. 2. Because the 14 killed and 26 wounded were mostly employees of the county’s environmental health department, the mass shooting has left San Bernardino County with too few health inspectors.

A state of emergency, therefore, will allow the governor to send in needed inspectors from elsewhere. Read more.



  1. ‘now we can’t survive without the guberment “environmental inspectors”‘

    Only if you want to close down every restaurant in the largest county (by land area) in the US. The “guberment environmental inspectors” mostly inspect restaurants and catering facilities for insects, rodents, food stored at too high a temperature, and other unsanitary conditions. You really don’t want places that don’t pass inspection in business.

    And no, kosher inspections are not enough. Some of the kosher restaurants that the NYC Health Department has closed for insect and rodent problems have had some of what are supposed to be the most mehadrin hechshers. 🙁


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