Cabinet Minister To French Jews: ‘Come Home’


Minister and Cabinet member Yoav Galant on Tuesday condemned anti-Semitism in France in the wake of the vandalism discovered at a Jewish cemetery, calling on French Jews to “come home” to Israel.

Earlier on Tuesday, swastikas were found sprayed on some 80 graves in a Jewish cemetery in the village of Quatzenheim, close to the border with Germany in the Alsace region.

Galant tweeted that the vandalism at the Jewish cemetery was “reminiscent of dark days in the history of the Jewish people.”

“The State of Israel is the protected national home for the Jews of the world. I strongly condemn the anti-Semitism in France and call on [its] Jews – come home, immigrate to Israel.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Leave them alone in France where they can stay frum, and not come to Israel to become Mechelaei Shabbos
    And what is all this כפירה about Iseal being protected- as far as i know רחמנה ליצלן there have been many Thousands more Yidden killed in the State of Israel in the past year ( and 70 years) Than anywhere else in the world .So maybe they should stop speaking their כחי ועוצם ידי STUPIDITY… And maybe the צדייקים ‘who run “THE ONLINE VOICE FOR TORAH JEWRY” will stp posting this type of כפירה והתגרות באומות.


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