By the Numbers: IDF Successes in the Gaza War


idf-gazaThe following are some statistics from the Gaza War:

800-1,000 terrorists killed. 603 dead terrorists positively identified.

At least 3 top military leaders targeted. 28 mosques containing terrorist infrastructure destroyed.

5,000 buildings used by terrorists attacked. 3,000 Hamas rockets destroyed on the ground. 1,050 command posts destroyed.

Attacks via tunnels and from the sea thwarted.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. who says its over? hamas is still shooting away at Israel. I believe it would be good if it continued so Israel can go back in & retake gaza back & kick these reshaim out of their terrorist town.

    What is your opinion? let me know.

  2. It’s nice to be positive. But lemaaseh Hamas could have kept firing for a long time it seems and Israel could do nothing about it.

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