BUSTED: Yankees Catch Red Sox In High-Tech Cheating Scandal


The Red Sox have been caught red-handed.

The NEW YORK POST reports that the Red Sox are in trouble with MLB after the Yankees — spearheaded by GM Brian Cashman — caught them stealing signs and relaying them using an Apple Watch, the New York Times reported. Cashman sent video of a Red Sox employee to the commissioners office, which corroborated the accusations.

It is unclear what the punishment will be.

According to the report, the Red Sox admitted to the league that their trainers had been relaying information from video personnel to players for several weeks. The Red Sox claimed to the league that manager John Farrell, GM Dave Dombrowski and other top members of the organization were not aware of the scheme.

“[I’m] aware of the rule that electronic devices are not to be used in the dugout, but beyond that the only thing I can say is that it’s a league matter at this point,” Farrell said before a game Tuesday against the Blue Jays.

Boston responded by filing a complaint against the Yankees, accusing them of using YES Network cameras to steal signs. Read more at the NEW YORK POST.


  1. This is takeh terrible. And to think that this was done in Elul so close to the Yom Hadin?! We must make an assifa and do serious teshuva while there’s still time.

  2. An asifah was called, and all devices are to be banned from all dugouts and fields during baseball Seder. Anyone caught with one will be sent home immediately.


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