Busses Will Go From Yerushalayim To Ben Gurion For First Time


The only current public transportation currently available between Yerushalayim and Ben Gurion Airport is through taxicabs (shuttle or independent). A direct railway line between the capital and Israel’s main airport will take at least another year to complete. Traveling by bus requires two buses.

GLOBES reports that starting next week, however, Bus No. 485, operated by the Afikim company, will travel directly from Yerushalayim to Ben Gurion Airport. The line will operate 24 hours a day. Tickets will cost 16 shekel.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. This is certainly not the first time. There used to be the 945 and 947 from Yerushalaim to Haifa via the airport. I took it dozens of times when learning in Chadera.

  2. This is technically incorrect. One can travel by public bus from Jerusalem to the airport. However, this requires switching buses once en route. Of course, a direct bus is definitely preferable.

    In the “good old days,” Egged did run direct buses from Jerusalem to the airport. There was an indirect bus that ran from Jerusalem to Haifa and that stopped in the airport, along with a few other places. I believe that came to stop when they opened Highway #6, and all buses to Haifa become direct.

  3. Major spoiler alert – the city has an English name. One that is even commonly used in English language articles, a lot like the language this one’s written in. Google it. Starts with a J…


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