Bush Rebukes Trump on Media, Immigration


In a rare interview, former President George W. Bush rebuked President Donald Trump on his views about the media and immigration. Speaking with Matt Lauer on NBC’s TODAY show, Bush said the news media are “indispensable to democracy” and said he is in favor of an immigration policy that is “welcoming and upholds the law.” Trump has called the press “fake” and “the enemy of the people,” a view Bush does not share.

Bush told Lauer that he often tried to convince leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin to “accept the notion of an independent press,” adding, “and it’s kind of hard to, you know, tell others to have an independent, free press when we’re not willing to have one ourselves.”


  1. What a moron! He never found it prudent to criticize obama destroying the country. He never found it appropriate to attack the democrats visceral hatred to the country and its values. This nothing only wakes up after eight years to babble some nonsense echoing the putrid lies of cnn and the ny times, making up a story from beginning to end, about some russian connection, that doesn’t make any sense. Hillary lost because she’s awful and thank G-d most americans saw that. The dems can’t accept that; so they create some ridiculous conspiracy theory (that even if it’s true, so what!!!! they just leaked the truth. They didn’t say any lies. They just revealed what the liberal media tried to hide! This whole hulabaloo is sheer and utter nonsense.) This is when dubya wake up! Go back to sleep. Nobody needs to hear any more of your pandering to the left. You did enough damage in the WH, and because of your incompetence we had eight years of obama.


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