Bush DHS Chief: We Don’t Need A Border Wall


Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said Friday that there’s no need for a wall along America’s southern border, panning President Trump’s signature campaign promise on border security.

“I don’t think we need it,” Ridge said. “I think there are things we can do with technology that foregoes the need to build a 3,000 mile border [wall] with a neighbor.”

“I prefer presidents that tear down walls rather than build them,” he added. Read more at The Hill.




  1. Forever my thoughts are Mr. Ridge is liable for his era and smart. He holds public opinion well and is courteous. Clearly his time in offiice knows exactly the threat for many years from the south and he is well aware the fast need or not such a drastic high guarded vote for a mega nervous mega expensive wall. Fed by hate, this is a concern.

    Heaven must be. We do not need a wall. Thank Mr. Ridge for insight. He could be right.


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