Bus in Kikar Shabbos Stoned by Radical ‘Kanna’i’


kikar-shabbos-busYerushalayim – A bus in Kikar Shabbos in Yerushalayim full of frum people going to the Kosel was stoned tonight, as witnessed by a Matzav.com reporter.

There was apparently some type of demonstration going on, but it was not clear to me what it was about,” a passenger told our reporter. “A rock slammed through the bus, thrown by one of the demonstrators. Boruch Hashem no one was hurt, but there were many hysterical people on the bus, who were shaken up and were crying.

“I was going to the kosel to daven,” he told us. “Some people are afraid to go to the Kosel lately because of Arabs. Little did I know that I have to be afraid to be sitting on a bus in the middle of Geulah, packed with frum people going to the Kosel, because a hotheaded so-called ‘frum’ radical would throw a stone at a bus with men, women, children and little babies on it.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. so sad!…more though, for the stone thrower then anyone else. Just shows how messed up the world is as we see the attitudes of our enemies seeping into our midst…But we need to take heed here…..lets take that energy & reverse the tide…instead of bashing our misguided brothers..feel pity for their sad state…perhaps our prayers for them are just what this world needs for its rectification!!!

  2. This was no “kannai” but plane simple hooliganism perpetuated by a mindless idiot,who if caught should be seriously dealt with !!

  3. I wish a good trading system could be set up. We could trade Obama for Putin, and we could trade some of our az punim kana’im for some chasidei umos ha’olam.

  4. TO #13, If he is “mentally disturbed” then there are many “mentally disturbed” people in our midst and we need to do something about this new crisis ASAP!

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