Burglars Go On Break-In Spree in Somerset Walk in Lakewood


Overnight, two burglars wreaked havoc in Somerset Walk in Lakewood, NJ, breaking into and stealing from over 70 vehicles in the neighborhood.

The housing development, located of off Pine Street adjacent to Pine River Village, was the target of two thieves, who, between 2 a.m. and 2:48 a.m. rummaged through vehicles up and down Canary Drive, Raven Lane and the other streets and alleys of Somerset Walk.

Any car that wasn’t lock was opened by the burglars, who took what they liked.

A 2018 Lexus LS 500 was stolen, but was later found on nearby Martin Luther King Drive.

Surveillance video is being examined as an investigation is underway.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. 70 cars in 48 minutes? These guys were faster than Aaron Hakohen doing the tinufa. Something doesn’t ring up with the facts you presented.

  2. The burglars didn’t steal anything. They took that which in halacha is called “davar h’avud”, which is considered hefker.
    Anyone who leaves his car unlocked creates a situation of “davar h’avud” and anything inside is considered hefker.

    • Firstly I think you mean Avaida M’Daas not Dovor H’avud. There is no din A’vud on something which CAN get stolen/destroyed but based on experience probably won’t be.

      Secondly even assuming (which I’m not that) it is a Avaida M’Daas there is a machlokes Rishonim whether you may take a Avaida M’Daas or not . Most poskim hold you can’t.

  3. How hard is it to lock your car? I would assume most cars now have automatic locks. One click and that’s it. How lazy can you get?

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