Brooklyn Woman Spends Year Trying To Prove She’s Alive After Being Declared Dead


For a woman in Brooklyn, the good news is that she’s alive. The bad news is that she’s been locked in a year-long battle to prove she’s not dead.

Marzena Pogorzelska has been cut off from health insurance, her credit frozen, all because of an error by the Social Security Administration, linking her Social Security number to someone who actually had died.

Though the federal government apologized and issued a letter for her to show creditors, saying she had been wrongly shown as deceased, she still gets letters from her banks freezing her accounts due to her “death.”

“And after a whole entire year, they still cannot put me back to life,” she said. She says the stress of it all almost killed her for real. She suffered a heart attack over the summer and now her insurance won’t cover the $45,000 hospital bill because, you guessed it, on paper she was already dead.

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