Brooklyn Van-demonium


meals-on-wheels-accidentA meals-on-wheels driver set off a chain-reaction smash-up in Brooklyn yesterday when his van hit a car, forcing a bus to swerve to avoid the wreckage and slam into a building, authorities said.

A dozen people were hurt, although none of the injuries was life-threatening, officials said.

The driver of the van, which belonged to the Jewish Association Serving the Aging, may have blown through a red light on Avenue J near Ocean Avenue in Midwood just after 10 a.m., striking a Toyota Corolla and flipping on its side, MTA officials and cops said.

A city B11 bus driver trying to avoid the collision careened into a building nearby, cops said.

“I’m really shaken by this,” said witness Gabrielle Oliveira, 38. “I saw three people on a stretcher. I felt so bad for them.”

The van driver, who was on his delivery route when the accident occurred, has been suspended, according to a JASA spokeswoman.

Of the dozen people injured, six were on the bus, including the driver, who suffered an arm injury, officials said.

“I ran over and tried to help,” said Judah Milstein, 24, a driver not involved in the accident.

{NY Post/ Newscenter}


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