Brooklyn Man Sobs As He Gets 4-12 Years In Prison For Killing Moshe Berkowitz z”l


anel-kolenovicA Brooklyn man convicted of running a red light and crashing into and killing Moshe Berkowitz z”l broke down in court today, begging his victim’s family for forgiveness just before he was hit with four to 12 years in prison.

Anel Kolenovic, 25, had chugged down the boozy energy drink Four Loko before getting behind the wheel of his Volkswagen Passat and hitting a car driven by Moshe in Midwood in 2010.

“The pain I caused to the family and friends of Mr. Berkowitz has been tearing me apart since it happened,” Kolenovic said through tears and choked sobs in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Kolenovic turned to face Berkowitz family before making his plea in court.

“Please forgive me,” he said. “I never meant for this to happen.”

He could have gotten up to 15 years in prison – and prosecutors had requested the maximum.

“It was a series of irresponsible choices,” said Brooklyn assistant district attorney Gayle Dampf. “There needs to be a lesson learned.”

After the sentencing, Berkowitz’s father said he was happy with the verdict.

“It was a fair sentence. Justice was done,” said Jack Berkowitz.

Before handing down the sentence, Justice John Ingram mentioned the recent crash in Brooklyn that killed a young couple and their unborn child.

“There have been far too many vehicular homicides in this city, this state and this country,” he said.


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  1. 4 years for killing someone and 27 years for rubashkin. We should be proud of this “justice” system in this fardrobine medinah

  2. Tears won’t bring back Moshe. Additionally, a study and psychoanalysis of thousands of prisoners who cried at their sentencing – it was solely for the reason that they were going to jail. That is the only remorse he feels.

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  4. To comment #2, you should really reconsider your comment as it is showing how much of an arrogant person you are. You were not in the court room and you were not there to say this particular person had been crying because he was going to jail, but because he was actually remorseful to the family and loss of mr. Berkowitz. After seeing the family during the court, they even felt the apology to be very true and sincere and knew that it was from the bottom of his heart and it was meant. So please for someone that wasnt there you should be the last person to say whether this individual was crying because he was going to jail, or if he was really remorseful.

  5. All of you people that are complaining about the disproportionate sentences, you know what? Nothing is going to change if you only complain about specific applications of the law. Change will happen when some activist adopts this issue, and develops a coherent alternative that is more fair, and shepherds it through the various legislatures.

  6. lets petition our judicial system to switch sentences. the killer =28 years & rubashkin = 4 years (which he has already served = so he should go home asap , i”yh before pesach!!!! )

  7. Boruch Hashem that there was, at least, some level of justice here. I am heartened by the words of the Brooklyn Assistant DA, Mrs. Dampf: “There needs to be a lesson learned,” and by the words of the judge, Justice Ingram: “There have been far too many vehicular homicides in this city, this state and this country.”


    About ten years ago, the following tragedy and wicked perversion of justice took place in the suburban town in Northern California that my family resides in. An older teen-age boy, whose family is quite wealthy, was given by his father a brand new CUSTOM MADE Mustang sports car. One day, he took three of his friends for a ride in it. At on point in the drive, he went onto one of the many country roads that go out from the town into the surrounding countryside and hills. Again, this is a “regular” two-lane country road with curves; the speed limit on it is 45 MPH.

    At one point, the boy wanted to show his friends the full power of his car, so — while on this country road with its curves, etc. –he ramped up the speed to nearly 100 MPH!! Understandably, after just a few seconds of this shooting around, the car flipped totally out of control and smashed right into a poll!! Two of the passengers were immediately killed; the third one was extremely severely injured and died about two weeks later. The boy driver though, sustained only minor injuries, which were fixed up in a short hospital stay.

    As of the last report that I saw of the story, the boy had never shown any remorse for what he had done and had never apologized to the families of the three friends he had murdered.

    The local media claimed that the local police had stated that they were planning to really heavily punish the boy.

    HOWEVER, yes, HOWEVER, as related above, the boy’s family is quite wealthy and the wealthy father is thus a prominent person in the community. Furthermore, the boy was an excellent FOOTBALL PLAYER on his high school team; the local media reported how the coach of the team expressed GREAT PRAISE of the boy!!

    So the result was that the whole “punishment” that the boy received was:

    1.) His driver’s license was suspended for (only) three years.

    2.) The local judge — was not in the courtroom and not even in a room of the courthouse building! Instead, the local judge CAME OVER TO the campus of the boy’s high school! And on the high school campus — it was not in the principle’s office and not even in a room of the administrative offices! Instead, IN ONE OF THE CLASSROOMS of the high school campus, there, the judge had a little chat with the boy!!

  8. There is remorse from this individual and clearly the comment from #2 is simply absurd. The family at the court today felt the remorse he has been going through and knew that this was a real apology. How about you stop talking about stuff like this when you don’t know the case, or been to any of the court dates. Don’t claim there isn’t remorse from this individual when clearly you don’t know what he is experiencing.

  9. #1 you’re absolutely right; the Judge is a @#$%^, an avid anti semite, who went against the law by discussing his case….she will get her Gehenom .
    As for Rubashkin, al eileh ani bochia,,,,,

  10. He had 3 years to relive (over and over) again what he did. I am sure he was sincere. No matter what happens to this guy, his life will never be carefree again. He deserves sentencing, but only G-d knows what’s in his heart.

  11. P.S. A criminal’s life…was never a “life”.
    An “accidental” criminal’s life is even worse,as the above article reveals.


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