British MPs Will Debate Banning Trump


trumpFollowing Donald Trump’s suggestion that Muslims be banned from entering the United States on a temporary basis, members of parliament in the United Kingdom will debate banning him from their country.

More than 500,000 people signed a petition requesting the ban, forcing the House of Commons petitions committee to schedule a debate session on Jan. 18 in Westminster Hall. Read more at The Guardian.



  1. Of course they want to ban him. Trump believes that allowing muslims into the US causes a grave danger until the DHS can figure out how to vet them and figure out who’s a threat; sort of to avoid a repeat of san bernandino. Likewise, many English also believe that Trump is an terrible threat to them; someone who makes sense when he talks, doesn’t believe in being politically correct is “uber als”, isn’t a pathetic coward pandering to the lowest common denominator and actually walks and talks with his head held high. That’s the last thing the UK or most of Europe want to see in an American president.


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