British MP Bombarded By Anti-Semitic Tweets, Says Twitter Slow To Respond


twitter-tweetsBritish Jewish lawmaker Luciana Berger criticized Twitter’s slow response to the tweet campaign of abusive and threatening anti-Semitic messages leveled against her.

Berger spoke at a British Parliament meeting about the threat of digital crime. She said the tweets targeting her “were incredibly abusive, they were threatening, they were distressing,” London’s Jewish Chronicle reported.

“They included images of my face superimposed on concentration camp victims, on very graphic porn images. They used the Star of David,” Berger said. The campaign peaked more than a year ago, with 2,500 abusive tweets sent in three days.

Berger claims Twitter’s reporting system is “frustratingly slow” and that it took a few minutes to report each abusive tweet. Even with improvement from last year, Twitter has still failed to remove the anti-Semitic slur “kike,” she said.

“There is still an abundance of anti-Semitism on Twitter,” said Berger. “I have a voice as an MP, but I do worry for that young teenage boy or girl who may be the subject of a barrage of hate messages. They may not have the ability to deal with it.”


{ Newscenter}


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