British And German Leaders To Visit Israel In February


british-prime-minister-david-cameronBritish Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are scheduled to visit Israel in February, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced.

British Prime Minister David Cameron will visit Israel in mid-February for the first time since taking office in 2010. Credit: 10 Downing Street
Cameron is scheduled to arrive in mid-February, while Merkel will arrive a week later. The visit will be the first for Cameron since becoming prime minister in 2010. Merkel last visited in 2011.

While their trips come amid ongoing U.S.-brokered peace talks, the Israeli Foreign Ministry denied that the peace talks will be the focus of their trip.

Recently the European Union voted to offer Israel and the Palestinians an unprecedented aid package as an incentive for both sides to reach a final-status peace deal.

In addition to the two European allies, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will visit in late January and will address the Knesset.


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