Breaking: Watch Live: Al Franken To Resign


Democratic Sen. Al Franken is resigning following harassment allegations.

Watch his speech on the Senate floor:



  1. Smart move by the Dems in forcing Senator Franken to resign.
    -It allows them to position themselves as the virtuous party, as contrasted with the RNC’s aiding Moore.
    -It doesn’t cost them anything meaningful, since a Dem will take Franken’s spot.
    -It makes it more likely that voters in the Alabama election will think “Hey, this type of thing really IS a gig deal” and vote against Moore.

    It’s interesting how the loss of a Democratic senator ends up being such a net positive for his party.

  2. Let’s just hope Franken’s replacement isn’t Keith Ellison, who’s possibly the most Israel-hating politician in the U.S. today.

  3. It’s the same thing with that pervert, John Conyers. Only a hard left-wing radical Democrat is going to replace him anyway. By the Dems, it’s always a calculated heartless admission. They are phonies thru and thru.

  4. This is the Trump effect. The GOP will support all of their own perverts, while the Dems will get rid of theirs. If this keeps up, we may soon see the Dems support real marriage, while the GOP continues its slide into immorality.
    Of course, this Trump effect may eventually end, and the real conservatives may come back to the party- provided that Bannon and Hannity haven’t succeeded in completely tearing the GOP apart before then.

    • Dear Wondering and Clueless, it was hypocritical DemocRats who not only closed their eyes on the rapist named Bill and his victims’ intimidator named Hillary, but promoted and honored them, because “it was Bill’s personal life” you see. You may be sceptical or you may believe Moore’s belated(40 years belated that is!) accusers, but the fact is that even in the worst case, whatever Moore might have(or most likely have not) done 40 years ago has no effect on his performance as a lawmaker now. In fact,a vote against Moore is a vote for a DemocRat which is a guaranteed vote for perversion being forced upon the American people, while a vote for Moore is a guaranteed vote for a lawmaker who will fight the DemocRatic state enforced perversion, his alleged personal life from 40 years ago irrelevant. You obviously understand all this, yet you are being hypocritical and manipulative as a typical DemocRat.

      • Work on it. Democrats are still planning to hold office. Maybe the ratocrats of your own generation will play a role.

        Wimp simple. You may lose the election because the disdain of politics was not worth your effort to report concise politics. I guess its a bargain. I can win.

      • Not really sure how a pervert will lead the fight against immorality. Sure, if you think that being a true Republican (or whatever Hannity calls it) is the epitome of morality, go ahead, but most of us realize that at this point Trump and Bannon have dragged the GOP down to the same level of immorality as the Dems. You can keep voting in all these GOP perverts in the name of “morality”.

        • Even if the false-looking decades-old allegations are true, how is Moore a pervert for dating teenage girls: while a legal consent age may be 14, 16, or 18 in various states, it applies to the actual all the way physical relations – which is not even alleged in Moore’s case. A 16 year old is not a child, but a young woman – it has always been as such throughout the human history, throughout different cultures. Are you going to reclassify your great grandpa as a pedophile for marrying your grandma when she was 15?! Besides, it is liberals, such as you, who always tell teenagers that they should be promiscuously active; please don’t push a feeble minded argument of two teens together somehow makes it acceptable – then it should be even worse as it is a double pedophilia. Obviously, as a liberal, you don’t care for the teenagers’ innocence, you are just a manipulative hypocrite.

      • From your hard day to Hashem’s prayer. A DemocRat can be reduced to a word with two capitals. I hope you are not looking for palestine and Israel to have both. In my sight, you are making a major error. Either Hashem hears you right and orders up two capitals with a two state solution or maybe if he is keen he will make good guys like Doctors (DR.) the president in the future. I would oblige if it was good to run.

        In effort, I would guess you did not realize there are political ramifications of ignorance. I give you credit, you inspire.

        A doctor may run.

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