Watch: Hadlaka in Stamford Hill Explodes After Smartphone Thrown Into The Fire, Multiple Injuries Reported


A Lag Ba’Omer bonfire exploded tonight at the Biale Hadlaka in Stamford Hill, London.

Before the Biale Rebbe lit the customary Lag Ba’Omer fire, he spoke of the significance of burning the Yetzer Hara, specifically mentioning the nisayon of smartphones. He then proceeded to place a phone into the fire and light it. The phone exploded on contact, ending the singing and dancing of all those gathered to celebrate the Hillula of R’ Shimon bar Yochai.

Hatzaloh gave medical attention to about twenty people who were injured in the blast.



    • If the phone was Shul mode/ silent this would not have happened. There may of been tumah on the phone and when the tumah meets the holy fire it will explode. This is the only explanation in the world.

  1. It is not my place to judge, but i don’t understand how the hadlokoh continued with music after such a ma’aseh.

  2. Did he make the brucho asher kideshuni bemitzvoisuv lehadlik ner shel Lag Baoimer?

    In all my years, I have yet to see where the gemara or Shulchan Aruch talks about such a hadlukah.

  3. You can see youtube videos of people that had their smartphone explode in their pocket, and some of them weren’t injured seriously. A smartphone wouldn’t make an explosion like car blowing up. Even 100 smartphones. If smartphones were more explosive than gas then then terrorists would use it instead their gas fueled molotov cocktails. Can’t help but wonder if an anti-semitic individual “spiked” it or hid a few deodorant bottles all full. r”l.

  4. Ridiculous!

    Music plays , but one can’t shave until morning??,

    Hadlaka should have been tomorrow night !!!

    • That’s what I don’t get about these bonfires. Many poskim hold one cannot take a haircut or listen to music until the next day (miktzas k’kulo).

  5. The event must continue. After the holocaust there were secular Jews or ex Orthodox Jews who refused to carry the torch of yiddishkeit. But there were powerful individual rabbis who pushed foward to rebuild Torah Judaism. Today lagbomer we see bon fires all over jewish areas even more than Erev Pesach. I drive around Boro park and flatbush and see the beautiful new generation celebrating everywhere. It’s Gevaldig. We are the generation of mosshiach.

    • people didn’t celebrate “lag boamer” because basically nobody had the “minhag” to dance around a fire and listen to music on lag baomer!
      if open orthodox advocated for such things people would be up in arms!

      • Here here! How people forget the Chasam Sofer’s opposition to bonfires in Chutz L’Aretz. People were not lighting bonfires a couple hundred of years ago.

  6. it clearly says The phone exploded on contact, ending the singing and dancing of all those gathered to celebrate the Hillula of R’ Shimon bar Yochai. the music stopped Please read articales next time before making comments

  7. One cam perhaps gloat over the fact that our neighborhoods have TORAH, AVODA, GEMILUT HASSADIM all over and thus we are bringing Moshiach. But bonfires dont bring Moshiach one inch closer! Knock it off

  8. To “Who are you to criticize what the Biale Rebbe did?”

    So if the Rebbe said to jump in the fire you’d do that too?


  9. he should have put the phone in the microwave instead.

    or throw it in the water for tashlich


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