Breaking: UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Resigns


President Donald Trump has accepted the resignation of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, according to media outlets.

The former South Carolina governor’s exit has come as a surprise to Trump administration officials, reports Axios.

Haley was confirmed as US envoy to the UN in January 2017.

Read more at BBC.



    • Haley, a Never Trumper leader, might have been good for Israel but HORRID for President Trump as she was very much against his policies, especially regarding Syria and Russia. So much so, that she continued the Russian hoax that Trump won because the Russian’s meddled in the elections.

      • Hey chacker. This is the best kosher era. Mr. Trump is the best of friends. His daughter is KOSHER.

        What toilet from the gugenheim are you sitting to collect your thoughts? Trump did not want to hear from the war for the abomination.

        Haley will be sad gone but we will keep working. Trump has a good manner of workday right.


  1. I bet she was the one that wrote that op-ed in the New York Slimes and she couldn’t live with herself being so double faced. Its a big shame as she was a great friend to Israel.

  2. Not good news at all. Nikki Haley was a strong, knowledgeable, stridently pro-America and pro-Israel voice in the festering morass of corruption and anti-semitism that is the U.N.
    She will be missed.

  3. She was likely the best ambassador to the UN Israel ever had! Certainly the best the US has ever had! I wish she would change her mind! She was an indefatigable friend of Israel and Jewish causes. Likely she can be categorized as חסידי אומות העולם. She said it how it was without fear of retribution and snark comments from within or without. Big loss!

  4. I’m reading all the comments with amazement.

    We know that Esther did not want Klal Yisroel to think that they had “someone on the inside” to help, so they should turn their eyes upwards to Hashem.

    How are we any different? Let’s not get all bent out of shape about her leaving. I truly enjoyed watching her make world mis-leaders squirm in their thrones while telling them to their faces what she thought of them. Ultimately, HaShem is in total control of the situation 🙂


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