BREAKING: Trump Fires McMaster, Replacing Him With John Bolton


President Trump fired his national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, Thursday and named John Bolton to succeed him, according to the White House.

McMaster’s ouster comes amid a period of particular turmoil in Trump’s national security team, as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired March 13 and CIA Director Mike Pompeo was named to replace him.


  1. Excellent move. Trump should of hired Bolton from day one. You will see. He will do an excellent job. Just like Nikki Haley. Tillerson was also a joke. He was/is just interested in padding his pocket from his oil profits. He couldn’t care less about America.

  2. Bolton is a decent, honest, consistent person, and DT’s thinking about security and foreign relations have moved steadily toward Bolton’s outlook (DT has been focused on these subjects for about 14 months). DT has also developed a better sensitivity of the intellectual and moral mold of a lot of these preposseurs who were foisted on him.

  3. FINALLY!!!!
    McMaster is a Trump backstabber, colluding with Comey, Rosenstein, and Mueller. He knows the Russians didn’t meddle or collude but would do anything to undermine the President.
    He shared confidential information with Obama and also authorized illegal surveillance on Trump and his family.
    McMaster, the traitor, spied for George Soros and is working with him to overthrow the President.

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