Breaking: Saudis To Admit Journalist Khashoggi Was Killed By Mistake


Saudi Arabia is preparing an official account that will admit journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, according to multiple reports on Monday.

It is not clear how much responsibility Saudi Arabia will take for the journalist’s death, as reports indicate that while an official narrative is being prepared it is not complete.

The kingdom will reportedly deflect responsibility for the murder away from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman by saying Khashoggi’s death was “unintentional” and the result of a “botched operation” by Saudi agents who were not authorized by the government’s top authorities, two sources told CNN.

“We are hearing from the sources at this stage that [the murder] was not carried out with the proper clearance,” CNN’s Clarissa Ward said on air.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. It was a mistake had they known it was being recorded they never would have done it I am sure the next time they will try to be more careful and not get caught

  2. The media loves to give themselves and their employees more importance then the rest of the world. Although this man was a resident of the U.S. he was NOT a citizen and it’s a lot of nerve to expect the US to jeopardize its economy and relationship with an key ally in the Middle East over this SAUDI citizen’s unjust murder by his own country’s hands. It’s time to stop playing naive. The fact is people are murdered and imprisoned by authoritarian regimes all over the world. The only reason this story has been elevated and pushed by the Media is because this man was a journalist. A Journalist’s life isn’t more valuable then anybody else’s!


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