Republicans Deploy Nuclear Option For Gorsuch Nomination


Senate Republicans voted 52-48 to pass the “nuclear option” rule change today that would allow confirmation of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee over Democratic opposition.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell started the rule-change process after a 55-45 vote, with all but four Democrats voting no, fell short of the 60 needed to advance Gorsuch’s nomination.

The “nuclear option” allows Republicans to revise Senate rules with a simple majority vote, rather than the 60 typically required. McConnell has said he had no choice but to change Senate rules for Gorsuch and future high court picks because Democrats were ignoring a tradition of allowing nominees to proceed to simple-majority confirmation without a filibuster.

Members of both parties fear the rule change will discourage bipartisanship in government and allow for more ideologically extreme justices to be nominated for the court.



  1. Important but dangerous move!
    There was no choice! The Dems were acting completely irresponsibly. They’re really a bad party!

  2. I do not like these stubborn men
    They let their voters down again
    Bickering all day and night
    The left is wrong and so’s the right

    They hate the Prez, they hate his judge
    They won’t listen, they won’t budge
    You can beg, you can beseech
    All they want is to impeach

    Just about a year ago
    There was a preview of this show
    When Obama’s nominee
    Was stonewalled by the GOP

    All throughout this sordid story
    (With neither side adorned in glory)
    We voters watched in disgust
    As these dopes betrayed our trust

  3. I never understood the talk show host who malign the liberals. But ever since they nominated Hillary, I have to agree with them. the explanation is simple. Just like Communism sounds so nice where all workers are treated equally, but it’s really a ploy to control everybody, so too Liberalism is a way to control the country. Tax the rich, give it to the poor who stay poor and dependent, and stay in power. it’s a formula for disaster for the middle class since in this society of “progressiveness” it doesn’t pay to work. Just live off the govt. and vote for them. They, meanwhile, get rich on our backs. Obama became a millionaire after he became President. The Clintons too.

  4. I’m with poetic Anonymous, only the Dems are just a little worse because for them it’s ideology to control our thinking.

  5. Schumer & Gillibrand have shown themselves to be arrogant self-serving backstabbing partisan hacks. We MUST make term limits mandatory! The corrupt system is clearly rigged. This applies to both sides.

  6. As long as Schumer looks like the idiot he is, it will all be worth it. Of course we will all be the winners by getting a conservative on the Supreme Court and getting our voice back.


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