Breaking News: New York Senate Defeats Toeivah Marriage Bill


toeivah-marriageBREAKING: New York lawmakers have rejected a bill that would have made it the 6th state to legalize toeivah marriage. The bill was defeated by a 38 to 24 vote.

Gov. David Paterson has said he supports the measure, characterizing it as a civil rights issue.

During the debate, Democratic Sen. Ruben Diaz, a conservative minister from the Bronx, urged his colleagues to reject the bill.

“To the Republicans, remember your roots, remember your values, remember your tradition of family values,” Diaz said. “Join me, a Democrat. Join me, a Hispanic. Join me, a Puerto Rican. Join me, a black and minority. Join me as a senator of New York and say no.”

But Sen. Eric Adams, D-Brooklyn, challenged lawmakers to set aside their personal religious beliefs. He asked them to remember that once even slavery was the norm.

“When I walk through these doors, my Bible stays out,” Adams said. “We have the legacy for setting the tone for the rest of the country. This is an important issue. We are not going to sit on the sidelines.”

The state Assembly approved the bill earlier this year, and passed the measure again today, 88-51, a procedural move to allow the Senate to vote on it.

Earlier today, Sen. Liz Krueger, a Manhattan Democrat and a leader in the majority, said the legislation would need Republican votes because of opposition from some of the chamber’s Democrats.

Krueger said gay rights advocates believed they had at least a few Republican votes.

“I’m optimistic,” Krueger said. “The question is are the Republican votes there.”

Republican Sen. Thomas Morahan said his conference hadn’t taken a head count as of this morning and he wasn’t sure enough GOP senators would support the measure.

“It’s going to be a close vote,” said Morahan, of Rockland County, whose conference blocked the bill for years when Republicans were the majority. He said he would vote against the legislation.

A Marist College poll released today showed 51 percent of New Yorkers support legalizing toeivah marriage, while 42 percent opposed the measure. The poll questioned 805 registered voters Nov. 12-16, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 points.

Toeivah marriage is legal in Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts and Vermont. A New Hampshire law legalizing the practice takes effect Jan. 1. Thirty-four states lack any legal recognition of toeivah relationships.

{CBS Radio/Agencies/Noam Newscenter}


  1. BARUCH HASHEM! Let this be a message to the guy that said “My Bible stays out”!and once and for all leave this toeva topic out of the news altogether. Let these wackos live where it is legal and be weird over there!


    Yea Eric Adams (D)

    Nay Joe Addabbo (D)

    Nay Jim Alesi (R)

    Nay Darrel Aubertine (D)

    Nay John Bonacic (R)

    Yea Neil Breslin (D)

    Nay John DeFrancisco (D)

    Nay Ruben Diaz Sr. (D)

    Yea Martin Malave Dilan (D)

    Yea Tom Duane (D)

    Yea Pedro Esapda Jr. (D)

    Nay Hugh Farley (R)

    John Flanagan (R)

    Yes Brian Foley (D)

    No Chuck Fuschillo (R)

    No Marty Golden (R)

    No Joe Griffo (R)

    No Kemp Hannon (R)

    Yes Ruth Hassell-Thompson (D)

    No Shirley Huntley (D)

    Yes Craig Johnson (D)

    No Owen Johnson (R)

    Yes Jeff Klein (D)

    Yes Liz Krueger (D)

    No Carl Kruger (D)

    No Andrew Lanza (R)

    No Bill Larkin (R)

    No Ken LaValle (R)

    No Vincent Leibell (R)

    No Tom Libous (R)

    No Betty Little (R)

    No Carl Marcellino (R)

    No George Maziarz (R)

    No Roy McDonald (R)

    No Hiram Monserrate (D)

    Yes Velmanette Montgomery (D)

    No Tom Morahan (R)

    No Mike Nozzolio (R)

    No George Onorato (D)

    Yes Suzi Oppenheimer (D)

    No Frank Padavan (R)

    Yes Kevin Parker (D)

    Yes Bill Perkins (D)

    No Mike Ranzenhofer (R)

    No Joe Robach

    No Saland

    Yes John Sampson

    Yes Diane Savino

    Yes Eric Schneiderman

    Yes Jose M. Serrano

    No Jim Seward

    No Dan Skelos

    Yes Malcolm Smith

    Yes Daniel Squadron

    No Bill Stachowski

    Yes Toby Ann Stavisky

    Yes Andrea Stewart-Cousins

  3. “Gov. David Paterson, a Democrat who supports [TO-EVA] marriage, had said he would sign the bill into law if it were passed.”

    WHAT a dope

  4. How could Daniel Squadron vote YES? a shame on him, he totally ignored the vast majority of his district who are vehemently opposed to this bill I am astound and let’s make our voices heard, if you have any suggestions how we can do so effectively please post, action must be taken!

  5. Why shouldn’t they be allowed tax rights or some other rights (partner visitation in the hospital, automatic inheritance)? People who transgress adultery are entitled to these rights, so do not base your response on that they’re transgressing a lav.

  6. “9. Comment from jj
    Time December 2, 2009 at 3:32 PM


    Simple. Use the English word for toeivah – obamination.


    That the Toeva grarbage has suffered this major defeat!!

    The next battle is going on right now right next door in New Jersey. (See the article about it that Matzav put on just yesterday at: We must further Mispallel and further do our Hishtadlus that here too in New Jersy, these reshaim get further banged down!

    And we must further Mispallel and further do our Hishtadlus that THE ENTIRE Toeva so-called “rights” garbage is all totally destroyed and thrown into H-LL where it belongs!!

  8. Attention “” Staff:
    PLEASE stop calling it ‘toeiva marriage’. First of all it sounds weird and second of all it’s not a marriage!

  9. With the issues of Toeva (so-called) “rights” there are two aspects:

    1.) That the Toeva people want to be allowed to freely do all the various forms of Toeva.

    2.) That all of us will be required and forced to fully accept the Toeva people and recognize all the various forms of Toeva that they do as being fully legitamite ways of living, even though our religion — that we call our Holy Torah — teaches us that Toeva is an extremely terrible thing.

    Included in this is that we will be required and forced to TEACH OUR CHILDREN to fully accept the Toeva people and recognize all the various forms of Toeva that they do as being fully legitamite ways of living, even though our religion — that we call our Holy Torah — teaches us that Toeva is an extremely terrible thing.

  10. (continuation of above comment)

    For example: The current issue now is that of Toeva so-called “marriage.” So this would mean two things.

    1.) That two Toeva people could make a “wedding” to “marry” each other.

    2.) That we would have to view them as being “married”;

    we would always have to refer to them as a “married” couple;

    we would always have to address them as “Mr. and Mr. Smith” or “Mrs. and Mrs. Smith”;

    any business, medical facility, educational institution, or government office that serves them would have to mark them as “married” on all official records

    we would have to instruct our children that Mr. and Mr. Smith” or “Mrs. and Mrs. Smith” are a “married” couple and must be accorded the respect due to a married couple;

    educational children’s story books that have stories about families will be required to also have stories of Toeva couples

    (There has actually been published in Massachussetts a children’s book called “The King and the King”! and there are several other ones like it! see

  11. #15, I see what you did here.

    Dishonest weights and measures are also referred to in the torah as toevah. And of course the prohibition against stealing is one of the Noachide laws.

  12. Re:#22, #23

    Well said.

    There would be negative consequences.

    This not just an abstract theological
    discourse–or ah shayneh drasha.

  13. Nothing wrong with shayneh drashas.
    (That’s also important.)
    But neglecting this issue is not an option given the negative consequences which
    are likely to ensue. HASHEM YEH-RAHKHEM!

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