Updates: Breaking News – Lakewood Bochur Taken Away From BMG By Police


bmg-small[Updates below.] First report – 5:55 p.m.: bochur has just been apprehended by a Lakewood police officer in front of Bais Medrash Govoah on Seventh Street in Lakewood, NJ. According to preliminary findings by a Matzav.com reporter at the scene, the bochur was in the yeshiva parking lot test driving a car that was for sale, when a police officer in a patrol car told him to move the vehicle out of the way and onto the street. The vehicle had license plates that were not registered properly.  As soon as the vehicle was pulled outonto Seventh Street, at the corner of Private Way across from Bais Eliyahu, the officer pulled over the bochur. The bochur was whisked away by the officer in a patrol car and taken to Police Headquarters on Third Street. The car was towed shortly thereafter by Vince’s. 

Stay with Matzav.com for this developing story.

Update, 6:14 p.m.: Matzav.com has learned that the owner of the car had taken plates from a different vehicle which had not yet been unregistered and placed them on the car that was being sold.

Update, 6:35 p.m.: The bochur has been released from police custody. Matzav.com has learned that the bochur had three outstanding tickets on his license, and had a court appearance in Wall Township, which he missed. A warrant was thus issued for his arrest. Rabbi Avrohom Moshe Muller, chaplain with the Lakewood Police Department, assisted in getting the bochur released from custody, though the bochur will have to deal with the outstanding tickets on his license.

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  1. There is a drive in Lakewood PD to target all of the Yungerleit with tickets. It does bring in a lot of money, most will not challenge them. The Ilegals don’t pay their fines, so why ticket them? It must have been at least approved by the ones in power.

  2. The only part of this story that I don’t understand is why the officer told him to drive onto the street – in order to ticket him?? Something here doesn’t add up??

  3. This is one of those difficult incidents in which someone obviously ahd done something wrong – not showing up to court, not paying tickets etc. – but where a police officer probabloy overextended himself with the way he arrested the boy. It sounds fishy why the he made th bochur pull out of the parking lot before apprehending him.
    Also, the owner of the car was 100% wrong for putting otehr plates on teh car. Bad move.

  4. i would try to give the lakewood police dept., the benefit of the doubt, but they don’t deserve it. lakewood is flooded with officers giving out tickets the entire day. they are stealing the little money that residents have. so even if in this case they were right, they will not get the ebenfit of the doubt from me.

  5. i was there. the olam was going nuts. Seeing a bochur taken away in a police car is not something you want to see, no matter what the story behind it is.

  6. I heard that officer lopez was there. can anyone confirm who the officer who made the arrest was? i heard there were two officers there. please, anyone who has info, share which officers were involved.

  7. Any resident of Lakewood take the test for the Police Force? If we have some of our guys on the force, it can work to the benefit of the yidden living in Ocean County.

  8. the police force in lakewood is way too big. they should cut about 20 officers and we’d be better off. i don’t want to hear that they do it for our safet etc. etc.
    In NY they protect resident with half the number of officers.
    and by the way, if everyone would figure out how to make a Hachnosas sefer torah without having to close off a street, maybe we could get rid of a third of the police force.

  9. I think the police dept. is getting bad rap for no reason. The officer was doing his job. We don’t know what preceded the arrest. Reserve judgment. Find out the facts.

  10. Wait till the APP writes up this story. it’ll have the most anti-frum, anti-Jewish spin you can imagine. And then the APP site will have all the comments blaming the Jews for the ills of the world.

  11. Why didn’t the olam protest? we should learn a thing or two from our brethren in yerushalayim about how to protest against misjudgment.

  12. with all due respect. why doesn’t this constitute Loshon Hora (this wouldn’t necessarily be known especially not the nitty gritty details, for sure not outside of lakewood) especially to just poke around for juicy new details which nobody knows yet.

  13. Driving DRUNK? Why would someone just make something up that is totally not true??? Just to get attention? Anyone who was there knows what haoppened. he tried driving the car. he had some tickets. he did a foolish thing and didn’t go to court, and now he had to pay the price. but why make up a story about alcohol consumption? it is so assinine

  14. This story is being blown way out of proportion. After the bochur was taken away, you didn’t hear anything from anyone talking about it
    everyone just went to learn
    why does everything have to be dramatized so much

  15. John Franklin of the Million dollar PUblic Works Department which moved from east ninth street to the new hampshire avenue

    we need Al Peters back. the police department will be on wheels and no one would have time to be ticketing law abiding citizens

  16. A FEW RULES:





    ALWAYS stay off your cell phone




  17. Let the cops ticket all the women who drive in lakewood they are by far the worst group of driver i have ever seen. LADIES WHEN YOU WANT TO MAKE A RIGHT TURN DO IT FROM THR RIGHT SIDE OF THE LANE SO PEOPLE CAN PASS YOU, STOP GOING STRAIGHT IN TURNING LANES, AND USE YOUR SIGNALS OR GET OFF THE ROAD!!!

  18. All we do is complain and complain and complain when something happens. we need to give a big hearty yasher koach to the local askanim including:
    menashe miller
    meir lichtenstein
    rabbi aaron kotler
    rabbi dovid egert
    rabbi dick morris

  19. just like the properties in the township undergo a reassessment, we need the police officers ti undergo a revaluation or reassessnent.
    it is a joke the way the system is run.
    the officers get free reign to do whatever they want, harassing the people who live in lakewood. just drive around and you’ll see them pulling honest, decent people over for minor infractions. and then they call two cars to accompany them to every traffic stop. why do they need three officers to give a ticket for gojng 2 miles over the limit? every time there are a few cars to give one ticket
    and then when we complain we are told that they are here to ‘protect’ us
    please don’t insult our intelligence.
    they are here to hound us into oblivion.
    we would be better of without them

  20. I am not sure you can call it antisemitism when the owner switched the plates, and the driver had outstanding tickets and did not show up to court. The police were enforcing NJ law. If no one had broken the law, no one would have been arrested.

  21. if i cant get my kids into school because i have internet then how can guys post on here if that means that they are going online somehow somewhere

  22. yes the guy was wrong for the plates and the no show , but yes the lpd have way too much time on their hands and are a little out of control when it comes to the ticketing . nj itself has created so many rules and guidelines that its almost impossible to find some one without something wrong concerning his car . its all a tax tax tax . the punishment never fits the crime and once again the illegals get away with murder while we pay our taxes and pay for their public schools. sidebar however the lpd does do a very good job at catching criminals . they find them time and time again . also chief lawson , he’s a really swell guy and I know that he’s reading this and rolling his head off along with the deputy .

  23. Thank you to all the local askanim, A.M. Muller
    Rabbi Avi Solomon
    Dovid Egert
    Yudel Shain
    Rabbi Shragi Kotler
    and Rav Boruch Mannes
    and Harav Rob Lawson
    who are always there for us

  24. Many of these comments are absolutely disgusting. You feel you are entitled to flout the law, then when you’re caught, you get your shvitzers into the police department, release the boy immediately, demand the right to protest violently, maybe even dig up some dirt on the officer involved, and drag the entire police department through the mud.

    Then, when you there is a rash of burglaries, you want instant and unbiased police protection and you want all the criminals caught RIGHT NOW. The same officers who are sonei yisroel by you all of a sudden are your best buddies if they do what you tell them. Well, if the police are your slaves, give them some respect. It’s a two way street.

    Your “halacha eisav sonei es yaakov” and your view of eisav as your pet poodle at best doesn’t pass any moral test. Be ashamed.

  25. i dont get it, is it possible we are all that stupid. We do our job and learn and no one bothers us let them do theres in peace. i hate reading some of these comments and saying these people are part of my religon. PEOPLE please listen to yourselfs as your typeing what have we become

  26. If the young man in question would have obeyed the traffic laws, none of this would have happened. What ever happened to dina demalchusa dina?

  27. LPD would have done the same to anyone with an outstanding warrant Jew or non Jew!This has nothing to do with being a sonei yisroel. I received many tickets in the day but was never arrested because I always paid them and had no outstanding warrants. Were you expecting the LPD to let him off the hook because he is a Jew? The law applies to all citizens equally! Punt ferkhet now I know that we are treated equally under the law!

  28. Why didn’t the olam protest? The writer of that question clearly means protest to and or against the police. I am asking the same question. Why doesn’t “the olam” protest that a yungerman is running around with unpaid tickets and failed to appear in Court. Better still why doesn’t the hanhola of BMG protest and throw him out of BMG, if he indeed learns there, other than how to break the law that is. His conduct is giving us all a bad name. When will the holy yungermen of Lakewood learn that they have to obey the law and that if they don’t, aside of having to pay the consequences, it gives all yidden a bad name. And as to why the owner of the car switched the plates … I imagine that is another story it would be difficult to describe as a Kiddush Hashem.

  29. He should be thrown out of the yeshiva for his abhorrent behavior (aka conduct not befitting a yeshiva bocher) also the person who’s car was used with the switched plates. This will send a clear message

  30. I see when YOU lose a few $$$$$$$ on tickets then the police in the normal USA is wrong, but when an innocent mother in the crazy Israel sits in jail then the police are right??????????????

  31. Hafganah today at 7pm blocking 9th and rt 9.Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to come.Please bring diapers and eggs.

  32. People are asking why the olam didn’t protest? Didn’t we see enough of that already? It’s a credit to BMG that the bochurim behaved like mentschen and not beheimos.

    This is a malchus shel chesed – and that means that dina d’malchusa dina. Evidently they didn’t rough him up – just a regular arrest. For the rest – let’s lay off the loshon hara (or motzei shem ra). The kid will be embarrassed enough already. If he broke the law and is convicted, he will be punished. It is not up to us to punish him further by gossiping about him.

    BTW Jealous (#43) has a point. If you can’t get your kid into school if you have internet, where all these bochurim going online? The Lakewood library?

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