Lakewood Mashgiach to Attend the Shuvu Dinner this Motzoei Shabbos


The Mashgiach, Harav Mattisyahu Salomon, shlita, who has sharply curtailed public appearances outside of Lakewood over the past years, will be making a special trip to Brooklyn to participate in Shuvu’s historic dinner a Maamad Hachtarah of Dayan Yonasan Abraham as Nassi of Shuvu.

Despite his frailty, the Mashgiach insisted on attending the event, joining other Gedolei Yisrael in showing their recognition of Dayan Abraham, and the importance of this step in ensuring Shuvu’s further expansion.

מי הוא שרואה את אלו יוצאין ואינו יוצא?

Make sure you are there!

Motzei Shabbos, March 4th at The Palace, 780 Mc Donald Avenue

Reception at 8:30,  Program begins 9:45



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