Update: Body Of Tenth Missing Student Found, Seven Bodies Identified In Flooding Catastrophe


Update: Rescue teams working around the cloc to locate a teen girl missing since the incident, announced early Friday morning that her body has been found near Neot Hakikar, south of the Dead Sea r”l.

Update: Seven of the ten fatalities were identified as of Thursday night as Shani Shamir from the central city of Shoham; Ella Or from Ma’ale Adumim; Maayan Barhum and Yael Sadan from Jerusalem; Tzur Alfi, the only boy who was killed, from the central town of Mazkeret Batya; Agam Levy from the central Israeli town of Herut; and Romi Cohen of Maor, near Hadera.

Twenty-five students from a  Tel Aviv-based Bnei Tzion pre-army preparatory program were hit by the flood Thursday while they were hiking in Nahal Tzafit in the Judean Desert west of Yom Hamelech.

Search and rescue teams, aided by helicopter units, converged on the area, locating 24 of the students. The 669 Search and Rescue unit of the Israeli Air Force was deployed to assist the efforts to locate the missing students. Diving teams were also deployed to aid in the search.

One female student remains missing, and there has been no visual contact with her since the flash flood hit.

Nine students were killed in the flood, including eight girls and one boy. Several other students were injured. All of the victims were 18 years old.

ZAKA volunteer Yaakov Yifrah described the organization’s efforts to retrieve the bodies of the students killed in the tragic flood.

“This is a very difficult scene, with a number of dead students. ZAKA teams and rescue units are in the valley, helping in the search and recovery efforts. Another ZAKA team is at the entrance to the valley, to take care of the bodies. The ZAKA volunteers are ready and prepared to continue the search, rescue and recovery mission into the night.”

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  1. so senseless!2 kids were killed in Negev floods yesterday, what were the Yeshiva administrators thinking sending a whole bus of young men into known dangerous conditions?

  2. To Jerusalem mom – Calling an act of Hashem “senseless” is not appropriate. We use that term when a human commits a crime that is senseless. Hashem obviously has a message for us – we can’t refer to this as “senseless”. Tragic, heart wrenching, definitely.

  3. Boruch dayan ha’emes. This is deeply sad.
    I wonder how many chareidi people hearing about this first wondered if the students were chareidi. Then I wonder what thoughts they had when they heard it was a military prep school. Jews ( and I don’t want to say “Yidden” because there are sefardim who do not identify with that term), we need to unite and have ahavas Yisroel for every Jew – chareidi or not, zionist or not. May we honor the students’ memories by loving our fellow Jews more.

  4. TO Anonymous- She was referring to the schools taking kids to danger. Why dont you think before you speak. Very easy for you to talk when you werent affected by the situation personally. Yet others feel it as personal since we care for other Yidden as our own family. But im sure you have such great Bitachon do you were probably just displaying it on here.

  5. such senseless loss! what an idiotic decision to send kids out during flood risk! too many risks taken for kids to hike around

  6. Don’t blame anyone. Now’s not the time to go finger pointing. I don’t think you should publish pict. of the girls that were killed, in immodest attire.

  7. Buruch dayan haemes what a tragic loss of teen who were holy as hashems children may hashem wipe away tears from all of yisruel

  8. Buruch dayan haemes what a tragic loss of teen who were holy as hashems children may hashem wipe away tears from all of yisruel

  9. I noticed in one of the comments, a person says that Sefardim don’t identify with the word “Yidden”.
    I have many many friends that are Sefardim, they actually use that terminology very often. Maybe do some more research before making such comments.

  10. Let’s further comment on how inappropriate it is to display such a lack of modesty on this forum and ask what would the chofetz Chaim have said being that he commented about the Mississippi flooding decades ago

  11. You can not blame anyone but the leaders of this irresponsible school. Like Rabbi Avigdor Miller ztl would say. A parent loses a child or child gets hurt because of falling out of a window that has no window guards, it’s the parents fault. Don’t blame Shemayim. A parent who has a swimming pool with no real protection around it and it’s super deep with a house full of children, who is to blame. You must have a tall gate with professional lockings. A parent who leaves around poisoness cleaning materials and kids swallow it. And so on. Don’t blame anyone else. You are dealing with kids you must be super careful. Most cases in the world is where prople bring upon them their own problems. Buying racing cars for 17 year olds and having them speed around the streets with their 15 year old friends is not responsible. Giving kids unlimited alcohol is another example. The same is hurting their moral values. Taking kids to very expensive crazy vacations is training them to be spenders in a dangerous path in later life. Kids getting spoiled with anything crazy expensive will lead to future problems in their marriages as they demand everything to be five star from breakfast to vacations. And if they can’t afford it they begin borrowing or stealing. Train your kids with real Torah values. Not a fake value where every newly wed expects a five thousand dollar menorah etc gifts from their struggling parents or inlaws. Wake up. The world is on fire. And it’s reached every group in our society from chareidi,Chassidic,Litvish,sfardi,young Israel,modern orthodox and every where else. Won’t you all agree.

  12. I’m terribly disappointed in Matzav’s lack of judgment in posting immodest pictures of the girls. While they are our sister’s, lack of tznius destroys the kedusha of a Jewish home and brings more tradegies R”L.

  13. Rav Dunner ZT”L (Cologne, Königsberg, London) had the Minhag not to go swimming in the sea in the Yemei Ha’Sefirah, as it is a time of Din.
    Yemei Ha’Sefirah is the period of the deaths of the Talmidim of Rabbi Akiva. Exactly when is this period, is debated in Halocho. But the Taz writes that anyway, nowadays, the whole of the Yemei Ha’Sefirah is a time of Aveilus, due to the tragedies during the Crusades.

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