Watch: Video of Today’s Stabbing in Tel Aviv (Graphic)



Tel Aviv: 4 people were stabbed near the Hordus hotel and transferred with minor injuries to Hijilov hospital.
The atracker, an 18 year old Arab of Palestinian citizenship, arrested.

While it is unclear if the motive for the attack was terror related, the police are treating the case as such.



  1. This terrorist is dressed the same as the guy in the video in the article “Video of Terrorist Trying To Enter Tel Aviv Hotel” where he left the hotel without doing anything. It looks like the staff at that hotel were Arabs so this guy just left and came to this hotel.

  2. im turned off from all these graphic videos matzav provides us.they should be ashamed to show these disheartening clips that only make a person callous to these events. matzav is preying on the yetzer hara of a person that ultimately makes a person want to see this stuff (and pls dont make the argument that a person should know whats going on so he can daven….etc =stupidity) matzav should be ashamed of themselves. i doubt they will stop it or even show this comment but you may be getting away with it now but in the next world anyone that didnt put in an effort to stop it will burn.period.

  3. Naaaa ….it wasn’t terrorist related. Why would we ever entertain such a thought?
    He just happens to like the sight of Jewish blood…and came to get his kicks.
    Right…yea…that must be it.

  4. These ppl need to be taken OUT!..
    What kind of a stupid country are we dealing with..what has Israel turned into?…If they dnt change the rules, then maybe they deserve what they get.
    If they knew and followed the torah principle of “KILL BEFORE BEING KILLED” maybe they’d get some kind of message..but no…they have to be g e n t l e with these animals…


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