BREAKING: At Least Two Dead In Florida High School Shooting, Shooter In Custody

At least two people are dead, and there are multiple injuries after a mass shooting in Parkland High School in Florida.
Broward County Fire Rescue is reporting that 20 people are injured, according to CNN affiliate WSVN.
The shooter is now in custody, officials say.Sen. Bill Nelson said “this is a bad day,” adding that there are a “number of fatalities” in this shooting. he added that police think they know who the gunman is.

“This is a bad day for Florida and for the country,” Sen. Nelson told CNN.

This is a developing story.



  1. There were no mass shootings in Canada this year. Or England. Or Australia, New Zealand, or any other first world country. The guns are the problem. The country is infested with them, and any meshuggener has instant access.

    • Berel, it’s the evil people, not inanimate objects that are to blame. Australia and New Zealand have an entirely different culture, very laid back and non violent. England has numerous machete and acid attacks, and even shootings. Why don’t you talk about Latin American countries and city of Chicago, where guns are banned yet shootings happen all the time.

    • Berel, direct your wrath at evil people, not inanimate objects that can be used by the good people to defend against the evil people. Didn’t you notice that all the mass shootings happen in the “gun free zones”, where the law abiding are not carrying, while a lawless perpetrator is the only one with a gun. By the way, outlawing guns, does not make them magically disappear – e.g. Mexico or city of Chicago.

    • Guns were around from the 40s-80s, and there were few or no school shootings then. Guns have not changed, society has. My gun has has also never shot anyone. This is because guns don’t shoot anyone, they are used by evil people to murder others. Just like bombs in London, acid all over England, cars, trucks, knives, and throwing people out of windows all over Europe. How do you look at a kid that was banned from wearing a backpack because he was violent, then expelled for being violent, had a violent and hateful social media presence, was the guy that everyone said would shoot up the school, and say “guns are the issue”? You think maybe there were other issues at play here?

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