Brazil: Violence Erupts in Rio After General Strike


Violence has erupted in Brazil at the end of the country’s first general strike in more than 20 years.

Buses and cars have been set on fire in Rio de Janeiro’s city centre. Road blocks set up by activists were also ablaze and shops were vandalised.

For most of the day the strike had been largely peaceful. Many people stayed at home and shops, schools and banks remained closed across the country.

The effects of the strike were felt across the country, Many people stayed at home, others only worked in the morning. Many roads were blocked in Sao Paulo, Rio and other cities.

Early in the evening, opposition demonstrators took part in rallies and protests to show their discontentment with Mr Temer’s pension reform.

In Rio, some of the protests descended into violence. Police fired tear gas and activist hurled stones. Unions called the strike in protest at proposed pension reforms.

President Michel Temer said he regretted the incidents in Rio. But he stressed that he would continue his “efforts to modernise the country”. Read more at BBC.




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