Brave Young Woman Rallies To Save Husband’s Life



A 25-year-old man’s serious medical emergency was turned into a full-blown fight for his life last week, after an almost unbelievable series of events.

Yosef Shafer of Haifa went for routine testing after experiencing several unusual symptoms. It was discovered that his left kidney had failed, and surgery was immediately scheduled for after Shavuos. Despite being in tremendous pain, the couple opted to wait the two months, so as to have the procedure covered by their insurance. Yosef is a maintenance man in a boys’ school, and they live very simply.

Last week, however, a bike accident sent the Shafers on a whole new trajectory. Of all of the ways in which the young man could have been injured, he received perhaps the most striking blow: A rupture to his right kidney. Yosef Shafer now has no working kidneys, and must have surgery in the next two days to save his life. The expedited surgery costs more than $20,000, far more than the young couple could dream of affording.

The countdown has now begun, to see if Yosef’s life will be spared. An emotional plea from his wife includes a bracha for health, parnassah, and safety on the road. The crowdfunding campaign also includes a video, in which Yosef struggles to speak while clearly experiencing severe pain. There is a striking difference between the young, smiling face shown in his wedding photos, and the sickly, frightened visage which now must appeal to strangers for his survival.

Money is being collected here for a limited time to save Yosef’s life.



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