BRACE FOR IT: Watch: New Jersey to Raise Taxes for Businesses and Wealthy


Radio talk show host Joe Piscopo on New Jersey’s tax hikes for businesses and multi-millionaires.


  1. More new taxes on the way for already-overburdened New Jersey taxpayers, courtesy of Governor Murphy.

    But don’t forget: Murphy was was enthusiastically endorsed. I wonder why?

  2. I love it! The voters have spoken. Here we see how democracy is working. This is exactly what the voters of New Jersey desired. Governor Murphy was overwhelmingly elected. He has a mandate to carry out. I wish all politicians would keep their promises like Mr. Murphy, Republicans and Democrats. Now they get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Enjoy!

    • Dan:

      Good point.

      We have to accept the fact that the social / financial situation for Torah Jews in places such as Lakewood has changed drastically over the years.

      Policies / politicians who are “good for [whoever]” are not necessarily the best candidates for the middle-class of Torah Jews who work hard and struggle to make tuition, mortgage, and real estate tax payments, even in a two-worker household.

      Murphy was endorsed in the recent NJ governor’s race. Murphy ran on the platform of free public college tuition for NJ residents, free schooling for all children over 3 years old, an increase in entitlements, etc. Who pays for that? The family living from paycheck to paycheck.


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