Boys Town Jerusalem Grad Captures Terrorist


Hillel Hagar, 25, a graduate of Boys Town Jerusalem, caught and subdued an Arab terrorist fleeing the scene after stabbing and severely injuring a man. The stabbing took place in Jerusalem’s Givat Ze’ev neighborhood at a gasoline station adjacent to the bakery which Hagar manages.

“I didn’t see the actual stabbing,” Hagar said, “but the second that I heard shouts, I raced to the street, not even knowing in which direction to run. Others joined me, and we ran for maybe 250 yards till we spotted the terrorist. When I tackled him, he shouted, ‘Stop! Enough!’ I pinned him to the ground, and then he hurled his knife at me. Luckily, it only slashed my knee, and I’m fine.” Security forces arrived on the scene immediately afterwards to apprehend the terrorist.

Hillel Hagar was taken by ambulance to Shaare Zedek Hospital for treatment and later released. The stabbing victim, a 38-year-old Jewish man, is in critical condition after having suffered numerous wounds to his upper body.

Jerusalem Region Deputy Police Commander Brig. General Avraham Peled praised Hagar and those who assisted him for their bravery. “The courageous response of the citizens led to capturing a terrorist and to preventing further harm to innocent people.”

“We showed mercy to the terrorist,” Hager remarked. “We didn’t have to, but we allowed him to live.” The terrorist, a 17-year-old resident of a nearby Arab village, was treated for light injuries and taken into custody.

Rabbi Yoel Lieberman, an English teacher at Boys Town Jerusalem, is a neighbor and friend of the Hager family. “It’s very exciting to see someone you watched grow up from childhood become a hero. In Hillel’s case, I was at his wedding just several months ago. He and the entire Hager family are well-known for their good deeds and charitable acts.

“Hillel was back at work in his bakery this morning,” Rabbi Lieberman reported, “just a day or two after the attack. The bakery was crowded with well-wishers, including myself, but Hillel remains as modest as ever. Boys Town and the State of Israel can be very proud of Hillel Hager. May he and all of Israel be blessed with peaceful times!”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Unfortunately, all the heroism was for naught. Catch and release is how the Israeli traitors treat those that murder us. According to any civilized law, deadly force would be completely justified against an armed terrorist. The Israeli judenrat would probably charge a defending Jew with assault or attempted murder, if the knife hurling terrorist was handled not gently enough for the judenrat’s taste.

  2. Really nice guy, so proud of his heroism! If he (and others) hadn’t run the terrorist and stopped him, who knows what could’ve happened next?


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