Boycott Israel Websites Built Using Israeli Software


boycott-israel-websitesFringe organizations dedicated to boycotting the Jewish state are finding it hard to practice what they preach, with many of their websites built on a popular Israeli software platform, according to Paul Charney, chairman of the UK’s Zionist Federation (ZF).

After an investigation, the ZF said it found several websites that advocate BDS – boycott, divestment and sanctions – of Israel were programmed with the popular Tel Aviv-based website platform Wix.

ZF found that the website of the Cornell University branch of ‘Students for Justice in Palestine,’ whose campaigns include advocating the boycott of skincare products, soft drink manufacturers, and even hummus, and, even more controversially, the website of the ‘Palestinian Holocaust Museum’ were among many BDS websites built with Wix.

“The misguided BDS campaign to ostracize Israel has hit another snag,” Charney said. BDS supporters now “find that living without the benefits of the Start-Up Nation might not be as easy as they’d hoped. Supporters of peace should be pleased, since boycotting Israel does nothing to help the two sides reconcile,” he added.


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  1. Too bad obama and his group didn’t ask Israel to set up hie obamacare website, I would bet it would have been cheeper and it would have worked. this is what happens when there is favortism, Micheles old crony friend and company is the one that owns and operates the one they choose. At least she made her friend rich and the US less rich.


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