Boy With Severe Allergy Dies After Just Smelling Fish


An 11-year-old New Jersey boy died on New Year’s Day after suffering a severe allergic reaction to the smell of fish being cooked at his grandmother’s home in Brooklyn, New York, according to reports.

Jean-Pierre and his son had departed the home, but discovered they left something behind and returned. By that time, a salt fish that is part of traditional Caribbean cuisine was being prepared in the kitchen. Cameron was overcome by the odor and was unresponsive when emergency workers arrived around 7:30 p.m.

Cameron Jean-Pierre’s father, Steven Jean-Pierre, attempted to treat his asthmatic son with a nebulizer machine while they awaited an ambulance but the reaction proved to be fatal.




  1. Unfortunately this can happen. I know a Frum individual when he was a child who went to hospital numerous times on Shabbos and Yom Tov from smelling fish. This is after his family took many precautions. He had the Epi pen which saved him each time.

  2. Vaccination can not only cause autism, seizures, brain damage and other neurological disorders but food allergies as well, according to the CDC.

    • Dear 8:45 antivaxxer, get a brain shot! You were obviously injected poisonous “Big Pharma” vaccines created by evil scientists, and your brain turned into a zombie jelly fish, so that now you need daily brain shots while smoking your medicinal marijuana.

  3. Why are you sprouting this nonesense.Enough allready with your mindless stories about vaccines you all need medical attention.

  4. What happened suddenly that the vaxxers do not trust CDC (as 8:33 mentioned)? Has it finally got into your little minds that the CDC are agents of Big Pharma?

    • Hey 4:35, don’t forget to mention that the Earth is really flat, and it is those evil CDC agents that are trying to spread this “Earth is round” lie, but vigilant antivaxxers see right through them, and will proudly wear their tinfoil hats.

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