Boy Never Vaccinated Racked Up $800G In Medical Bills After Tetanus Required 57-day Hospital Stay


A 6-year-old boy from Oregon, who never received any vaccines, spent 57 days in the hospital, 47 of them in the intensive care unit, and his inpatient care bills amounted to $811,929 after contracting tetanus from a cut on his forehead.

His 2017 case was the first in the state for pediatric tetanus in more than 30 years, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report Thursday.

According to the report, the unidentified boy was playing on a farm when he suffered a forehead laceration. His wound was cleaned and sutured at home but nearly a week later he began suffering from jaw clenching and involuntary muscle spasms.

The boy had never received any vaccines and despite his near-death experience, his family declined any further vaccines once he was discharged. He was given one of the five recommended doses of DTaP

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  1. Talk about medical billing fraud. That’s about 15k a day. For that price you can hire the best nurse and dr. to sit by your bedside 24×7. Including renting the nicest suite in the Ritz Carlton.

  2. This is alarming!
    I think the hospital should be investigated regarding how exactly they charged $14,244.37 EVERY DAY
    This is the real problem.

  3. People who smoke spend much more than 57 days in hospital, with lung cancer, or throat cancer, pneumonia, tongue cancer, emphysema and what not, missing how many work days, and how much does that cost the government? A LOT more, folks. Most people who smoke get sick but most people who get sick from preventable diseases recover without such memorable and exciting treatments. (I’m not knocking the standard course of the disease ‘cuz I remember how sick I felt when I had a relatively mild case.) Proportions.


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