Boy’s Pingpong Trick Wows the Web


ping-pong-ball-trick[Video below.] Nine-year-old Tom Spicer has become a YouTube sensation with his ability to bounce a pingpong ball off random surfaces and land it perfectly in a nearby cup. The latest video of the youngster’s talent, which was posted just last week, already has close to a million views.

While most commenters seem impressed by the boy’s tricks, others are calling foul. Several people have accused him of faking it, saying there’s no way a kid could make these complex shots. His dad, Neil, said he does not have enough time to create special effects. “I really don’t have that level of commitment,” he said. “We are an ordinary family, with an ordinary camera, taking really ordinary video clips.”

The Australian boy became interested in pingpong ball tricks more than a year ago after watching similar clips on YouTube. He practices new shots often, which has left his home littered with balls that have not landed as planned. The video that has been getting most of the attention was shot by Neil over the course of nine months, and the first version that was uploaded received a couple hundred hits.

Meanwhile Tom has been inundated with media requests from networks such as Nickelodeon, ESPN, and CNN.

Click below for the video:

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  1. I’m pretty good at using Ping-Pong balls for their actual purpose (ie. playing the game) but i’d never be able to do anything like that. I’m impressed!


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