Bothered By Black Yarmulka


UTJ and Shas politicians recently alleged that in her capacity as head of the Knesset Ministerial Legislative Committee, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked of Bayit Yehudi only authorizes legislation submitted by her party and not legislation of other parties. Moshe Gafni of UTJ attacked Shaked from the Knesset plenum after her committee rejected a “notaries bill” which aims at allowing notaries to take less than the minimum fee presently prescribed by law.

“Why did the ministerial committee reject it?” Gafni shouted. “…They say there are problems. I agree. Let the bill pass its preliminary reading and we’ll deal with that in the committees. Can anyone tell me that the reason is not because I have a black yarmulke?”

Gafni also complained that a positive discrimination bill designed to enable chareidim to get more government jobs has been under fire for years, unlike similar bills for Arabs, Druze, Circassians, women, Ethiopians and the physically disabled.

Gafni concluded by saying: “From now on, whenever I speak with ministers about this bill, I will speak exclusively in the name of Eli Elalouf [of Kulanu] who is also signed on the bill; he doesn’t have a black yarmulka.

{ Israel}



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