Both Satmars Agree: Vote for Hillary


David Kinzer reports for JP Updates: The two Satmar factions in Williamsburg agree on this year’s presidential election. Both have endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

In a statement sent on Friday to and published on, Rabbi Moshe Dovid Niederman said that Clinton was sympathetic to the needs of the chareidi community as a senator and as secretary of state.

“Orthodox Jews benefited tremendously from the Clintons’ sympathy to our interests, and we have to show our appreciation by demonstrating that we recognized that and we are thankful for it, by coming out and vote for Secretary Clinton on Tuesday,” Niederman wrote.

The same day that Rabbi Niederman’s endorsement was published, Rabbi Moshe Indig also came out in favor of Clinton.


In an interview with JP Updates, Rabbi Indig highlighted Clinton’s track record.

“She’s been in the system many years,” Indig said. “She has more experience.”

Indig also specified that he wasn’t voting for Clinton as a protest against Republican nominee Donald Trump, who some have painted as anti-Semitic.

“We’re not voting for personalities,” Indig said.



  1. if you want government aid to continue (and grow), vote Hilary. If Trump wins, expect CHIP, WIC, HUD, Food Stamps etc. to dry up.

    He has promised it – and I believe that he will do it.

  2. We can think that somewhere there is a jew who is not a last wit on earth voting for Trump. This election might even decide who has merit in the world to come. There is very little to vote for a man who has no value for a human society.

    Really, we can be thankful in many ways that the Satmars are sensible on this matter. Good election to see go to a fine woman we can of course hope!

  3. It’s ok because when Hillary appoints liberal Supreme Court judges and they outlaw schitta in America will have parave Choolent.

  4. Can anyone explain why when taking money from the Tziyoinim for Yeshivos etc. it has a negative influence and when
    taking money from Goyim Mushchosim pro-Toeiva etc. that has no effect on the Yeshivos.
    The other reason for not taking money from Tziyoinim is because they will dictate how to run the Yeshivos etc Bibi N hasn’t told Yeshivas Mir to change learning Bava Metzia instead of Bava Kama
    When Clinton is president ch”v Satmar Yeshivos will have to teach Toeiva to their children in the Chadarim.

  5. Hillary is in the islamonazi pocket, will arm up Iran and ISIS, while tying Israel’s hands. The direct result of her policy would be another holocaust r”l. Those that support Hillary have the blood of millions on their hands. Yidishe lives should be worth more than the gubmit handouts and the private interests.

    • If you think so, fine. Just be prepared for hundreds, if not thousands of yungerleit to no longer be able to afford Kollel. Maybe you are in learning too…..take away HUD, WIC, Medical and foodstamps (EBT) and you lose around 50 grand in benefits. Adopt-a-kollel will soon be expanding to the US kollelim.

  6. My Rabbi said we have to vote for the candidate that is closest to representing Torah values. When both are terrible, you have to disect and analyze each one. In this case, Mr. Trump comes closers and therefore we have to vote for him. We can’t base our decision on money factors or pardons, etc… Hashem takes care of those things. We have to show Hashem that we care about him, nothing else.
    Same thing applies to Wendy Long for Senate against Chuck Schumer, here in NY.


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